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This page provides you all the tools you need to be successful with World Branch. Click on any of the contents  to jump to that section.

  1. Sponsoring New Members
  2. Your Replicated Sites
  3. Invite Your Friends List
  4. Facebook Opportunity Groups
  5. Facebook Opportunity Groups List
  6. Images and Ad Copy

Sponsoring New Members

Just like opening any new business, ySponsoring New Membersou want to spread the word. Now that you have started your Global Domains International business, you want to begin sponsoring new members into your GDI downline. (If you are reading this and have yet to start your GDI business, that's okay. Your 7-day free trial awaits and we are waiting to work with you. You can start your business here.)

Remember, the lifeblood of your business is sponsoring new members. Fortunately, this is the easy part. This page will provide you the most effective ways to sponsor new members into your GDI downline. Build the methods described below into your daily / weekly routine, just as you would with any other job, and your success is almost guaranteed!

Your Replicated Sites

In your GDI Back Office, you have access to several replicated sites. Your replicated sites page looks like what you see in the image below. These sites allow you several ways to share the opportunity of GDI to whomever you invite to visit them. When a visitor signs up with GDI from one of these sites, you become their direct sponsor. This is the best way to share your opportunity with others.

Invite Your Friends List

You have just found a treasure trove of money! Of course, you want to share the wealth with everyone you know. Most of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of friends, family, and acquaintances on our social media friends lists. Share what you have found with those you know and care most about. Most will not respond and that is okay. Don't worry if someone doesn't want to join you. Some will respond very positively. Those are who you want to work with. 

The important first step is to invite them to the World Branch Facebook group. This will provide them social proof that you (and they) have a network of support to guide you to your success. You have several different ways to do this.

  1. When in the World Branch Facebook group, on the right sidebar of the page, you are able to invite friends. (It looks similar to the image seen here.) Invite your friends to join the group to show them what we are doing. Most may not take you up on the offer but some will gladly join.
  2. Below, we share the most effective images and ad copy to share on Facebook to create interest in your opportunity. Post any of the ad copy and images below to your Facebook profile. Most may not act on it but someone will comment.

  3. Once you get your friends joined into the group, share a link to one of your GDI replicated sites with them, as described above.

Facebook Opportunity Groups

One of the best ways to build your GDI business is to post your opportunity to Facebook opportunity groups. Facebook does a great job of ensuring your post reaches beyond just the groups, attracting people across the Internet that are interested in the best ways to make money from home.

What does NOT work very well is posting your replicated sites links to Facebook. People want to socialize and interact with a real person. This is why they are on a social media site. This method allows you the chance to lead someone who is looking for an opportunity in your downline.

Below, we provide you two tools to make this easy for you. First are links to the best Facebook opportunity groups we have found to find new members to sponsor. Join as many of these groups as you like. You can find far more than just these; these are just our recommended groups.

Second are highly effective and proven ad copy and images that will catch people's attention. You can post to the Facebook opportunity groups to attract new members to sponsor. Use the images AND various ad copy in different combinations to find what gets the best results. (Tip: You can use this method for any social media site. We just use Facebook as the largest and most effective example we have seen.

To continuously grow your business, your daily activity should include posting one ad daily to each of the groups below. As potential members respond, invite them to join the World Branch Facebook group. There, they will see the network of support that is ready to help them find their success. Then, share one of your replicated site links with them. Follow up with them to answer any questions or concerns they have. If you can't answer it, remember, we all have five sponsors in our upline. You will always be able to find additional support in one of your sponsors.

Facebook Opportunity Groups List

Here are the most active and effective Facebook opportunity groups we have found from which to engage and sponsor new members into World Branch opportunities. Check back here regularly as this list is constantly refreshed and updated to bring you the best groups with which to work.

  1. Work at Home Parents: Direct Sales, Networking, and More
  2. ✔Make Money Online;  ✔Advertising;✔Work From Home; ✔Internet Marketing 2
  3. Work From Home Opportunities
  4. Internet Marketing Opportunities
  5. How To Make Money Online ✅
  6. Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities
  7. Work at Home Moms and Dads Worldwide
  8. Work From Home Opportunity
  9. Work From Home Opportunities !!!
  10. Make Money Online ✅
  11. Work at Home Boss Opportunities
  12. Work from home - Network Marketing & Opportunities
  13. Network Marketing ·  Internet Marketing ·  Make money online ·  MLM  ✅
  14. Work From Home Australia
  15. Make money online, network marketing , mlm, home base business, internet
  16. Make money from home ,Network marketing , mlm , online marketing
  17. Make money from home ,mlm , advertise your online business, marketing
  18. Best Money Making Opportunities
  19. How to make money
  20. Work at Home | Online Marketing Opportunities
  21. Advertise for FREE your mlm, network marketing, affiliate business
  22. Home-based Business Opportunities
  23. Advertise your Business...MLM...opportunity...products...ideas....
  25. Work at Home Boss Opportunities
  26. Home Based Business Opportunities
  27. Network Marketing
  28. Apps That Make You Money

Images and Ad Copy

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Feel free to create your own ads but these are proven to work! :)

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